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Participatory Rural Appraisal

Prakash Bhatt:

The full form of PRA is Participatory Rural Appraisal and this PRA tool is used for getting information about village from the part of villagers. In this module I have learnt social mapping, problem tree transect walk, social mapping, resource mapping Venn diagram, time line, matrix, wealth ranking. How we have to go and interact with the villagers. How we have to get proper information about village by using PRA tool. In class I done problem tree tool of PRA it helps me to understand in village according villagers which is the mail problem and how their problems are interrelated.

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DSC00920NGO VISIT is the part of the fellowship program in Deshpande foundation. It  was in the month of sep…..

Early morning  at 5 Clock we visited Akshya pathra, I have never seen tis kind of NGO in my life. It is really a innovation. After that we  visit have been to Agastya, this is all about Science on wheels this is the ngo working for the school students they will be carrying all the equipments in the vehicle to the school and display to the students. Then we moved to next ngo called bala balaga, this is a school which is built in eco friendly an environmental  school and then we visited bgerathea which is working in waste management  this ngo working in rural area. So many Ngo are working in different ways they have own idea how they implement in social sector.

In India there are different type of non-profit organization serving society they have own idea creativity. this kind NGO need in a society it was helpful for poor people.

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About Priyanka

My Name is Priyanka Rebello. My Native place is shimoga. I Completed My B.A in (Kannada )from Gulbarga university. My hobbies are collecting books and composing poetry. Two years ago I worked in one N.G.O name called as SAKHI.This N.G.O is working for the financial back ward families in reigon of north karnatak.The organisation is
helping to their Education .It is paying early fees, providing study materials. The organisation provide all support to people who are show their
interast in higher study. In hostel I was working has a Libararian in hostel. I completed my B.A Gradation and then I joined as a Program Assistant in a N.G.O called as
Sakhi in hospet . I was working on topic of hygiene, health, women rights cultural activities and vocationaltraining for especially back word girls .they arranged different place visiting for organization Hyderabad, Kerala, Delhi , vishakapattan to learn different strategies of other organization with the help of sakhi. I am passionate to build organization for orphans and want to join hands for with sakhi organization and Expand it with many project and I participated national youth rally 1857 first world war 150 anniversary in Delhi .and I learned the different type of skills like methodology , psychology, mediation . by using the training provided by DESH PANDE FOUNDATION PROGRAAM . I want sarve for the society in a better manner.